Famous Lebanese Dishes

Learn the art of cooking lebanese food and enjoy the flavour of your favourite dishes.

1. kibbe

kibbe is Lebanon national dish, ground lamb with burgul onion mint red chilli and spices

2. Tabbouli

Tabbouli is famous salad all over the world because its healthy and good for you its made from parsley bugul tomatoes shallots cucumber olive oil and lemon juice spices

3. Hommus

Hoummos is puree chick peas with tahini sauce garlic lemon juice served with lots of pure virgin olive oil.

4. Baba ghanouge

Smoked egg plant tahini garlic served with olive oil or as a dip.

5. Falafel (vegetarian)

Chik peas broad beans parsley coriander and lots of different spices

6. Kafta

Kafta is a juicy mince lamb with parsley red peper onion and mint chargrilled

7. Potato salad

Potatoes, parsley coriander onion shallots serve hot or cold

8. Shish tawook

Marinated Chicken garlic lemon juice olive oil chargrilled

9. Mehsi selek

Spinach roll stuffed with rice parsley onion and tomatoes olive oil and lemon juice

10. Fattoush

Fattoushe is dry lebanese bread with parsley mint radish shallots olive oil and lemon juice.


1. Aysh el saraya

Special dry toast with milk cream served with pistatio nuts

2. Nammoura

Semolina is a cake with no butter or eggs made with milk and sugar with almond topping served with syrup

3. Backlawa

Backlawi is made with filo pastry walnuts pine nuts and cashews served with fragrant syryp

4. Ma'amoul

Small shortbread pastries filled with dates, pistachios or walnuts