The word "Tayta" is Lebanese for grandma. I chose this term as it best describes me and who I am. I really enjoy the sound of my grandchildren calling me "Tayta" as it reflects my own childhood.

I was born in the north of Lebanon and grew up in a family where we were forever seated around a table. Friends and neighbours would gather, whether it be for breakfast,"sabhiya" lunch or dinner. In my family, my mothers' cooking was loved and enjoyed by so many.

My mother was a wonderful cook. She would always experiment with herbs and spices to create a variety of dishes, to enhance the flavours. For me the art of Lebanese cooking was taught to me from a very young age as my mother made me stand by her side as she cooked. "look and learn" she would say. I was truly inspired by her, and although she has passed, her cooking secrets will stay with me forever.

I hope you can join me in my family home for a step by step cooking class, in a small intimate groups, where you can participate and share not only my passion for lebanese cooking, but a few stories, laughs and a glass of "gilab" a refreshing lebanese drink.

Lebanese food is full of flavours with so many healthy ingredients. Be inspired to cook meat, chicken, fish, legumes and vegetables in new ways using herbs and spices of the middle east. Come be immersed in the flavours of Lebanon and take a little piece of Lebanon with you


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Tayta's Lebanese Mediterranean Kitchen Book



Tayta's Lebanese Kitchen Book


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